Balance Transfer Cards FAQS

January 14, 2011
Before applying you can estimate your credit line (that is your credit limit) by using the average limit of your other cards but in fact it is very difficult to say for sure before applying what the amount of your credit limit will be as it is a bank or a credit card company to decide on this. To determine the amount of your credit limit as well as the interest rate and the length of the introductory period your individual credit score is used. If you are a person with excellent credit history, you will be granted the lower interest rate and higher credit limit. If your credit score is low the situation is quite opposite and in this case it is better for you to be realistic about applying...
December 29, 2010
On our web site you can browse through the best balance transfer credit cards we have on offer. Compare these credit cards, look into their balance transfer terms and decide on a card to apply online for. Please note that balance transfer credit card offers are updated regularly, so you are sure to find something to suit you best.
December 01, 2010
Frankly speaking, cancelling a credit card is a fine question. If you are firm in your decision keep in mind you should pay down your card balance in full before you inform your lender you want to close your card account. When you are certain your balance is zero inform your lender that you are cancelling your card. To avoid any mistakes it would be better to call the lender first and then write a short cancelation letter to ask for your card to be closed, including your name, phone number, address, account number and information on your earlier phone call, with a note to the credit bureaus that the account was “closed at the consumer's request”. Ask your lender to confirm your...
October 13, 2010
Balance transfer process relieves people of high interest rates, which make it difficult to clear off debts. Usually, because of the high interest rates, the total outstanding balance keeps building up with every billing cycle, even if the credit card is not used for purchases. To avoid these interest rates, people often opt for balance transfer cards, which are offered at very low interest rates and sometimes, for 0% interest for a fixed time period. These cards help people clear off their debts fast, and work towards achieving a better credit score. Slow and careful comparison of cards available will help in making a better decision in choosing the right balance transfer card. First...
September 25, 2010
There are a lot of promotions going on from many credit card companies competing with each other to attract customers to their credit cards. Balance transfer is one of the biggest incentives offered by many of the credit card issuers. However, it is not advisable to blindly go for a balance transfer without checking out the benefits. The first thing to check before going for a balance transfer is what the initial interest rate on the card is. There are many credit card which usually offer a 0% initial APR which is quite beneficial especially if you have an outstanding balance and you are unable to pay it off because of the constantly accumulating interest. The next thing to check for is...
August 05, 2010
Balance transfers can be beneficial and help you pay off your balance faster and save on credit card charges if handled right. You are absolutely right considering all aspects before making the application. You probably know that every credit inquiry is recorded in your credit history, and recent credit card applications constitute 10% of your credit score. Application for a balance transfer can hurt your credit score, though experts say it is typically five points or less. If you make balance transfer after you get your card, you will already know your approved credit line, and if it is enough to transfer your entire balance, and you will also be able to calculate your debt to credit...
August 04, 2010
Application and balance transfer terms differ from company to company. To know details of application process and balance transfers you should read terms and conditions of particular cards. On Balance Transfer Cards page of our site we've selected the best offers that allow you to move balance from one card to another on the best terms available. You can apply for balance transfer either right when you are filling out your credit card application or after you receive the card. Make sure you read terms, because some credit card companies will apply introductory 0% APR only if you send a request for balance transfer by a certain date provided in your cardholder agreement, if you do it...
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