Credit Card Offers for Small Businesses 2018

Make your business more effective with a business credit card! Business credit card can help you save on business expenses and get perks that include: zero annual fee, and 0% intro APR on purchases. Some of these cards are ideal for entrepreneurs with good-to-excellent credit, as well as for those with fair credit.


Card Overall Rating
Bad/Fair Credit
Intro APR on Purchases
Intro APR on Balance Transfers
Ongoing APR
Annual Fee
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  • Turn Your Hobby or Interest into a Business
  • Less Than Perfect Credit? No Problem! Easy Approval!
  • Perfect for Sole Proprietors & Entrepreneurs

More Small Business Credit Cards

Card Overall Rating
Excellent / Good Credit
  • Save on interest with 0% Intro APR on Purchases for up to 9 months; a variable go-to APR applies after that.
  • Enjoy no annual fee.
  • Earn up to 2% cash back or up to 2 miles on purchases.
Intro APR on Purchases
0% (up to 9 months)
Intro APR on Balance Transfers
Ongoing APR
Annual Fee
Card Overall Rating
Any Credit
  • Small business funding with working capital lines from $2,000-$150,000 in minutes
  • Direct deposit into a bank or PayPal account
  • Friendly, dedicated service support representatives
  • Straightforward solutions for obtaining working capital with no hidden costs
  • Automated approval: No Forms, No lengthy Forms
  • Online application with an answer in minutes
  • Free to sign up. Free to have the security of a working capital line of credit behind your business
  • No fees or charge until you take cash
Checking Account Required
Maximum Loan Amount
Minimum Loan Amount
Employment Required

Business Credit Cards

Many business owners believe that a company credit card will encourage frivolous spending or that they will not be eligible for a credit card because of the small size of their organization or lack of annual revenue. The truth is having a business credit card is an excellent way to monitor your company spending and rake in the rewards for recurring purchases like travel and hotels. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth application process and getting the offer that meets your business needs.

  • Accounting advantage. Whether your business is big, mid-sized or a sole proprietorship, a company credit card can simplify your bookkeeping. Money to save. There are numerous incentives for good credit card holders who invest in a business credit card including the best rates, fees, and rewards.
  • Fair Credit can get it too. Fair credit consumers applying for a business credit card may have to opt for a secured credit which requires deposit.
  • Small Businesses advantage. Are you a sole proprietor but think you will be denied a business credit card because your staff is too small? Truth be told, 75% of business owners are small business owners, with no employees! The trouble is that many small business owners do not have a company credit card and instead use personal credit cards for business related expenses. Credit card companies and banks are aware of the prevalence of sole proprietors, so they have credit cards that cater to the unique needs of these businesses.

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This service finds the credit cards which suit your situation best. However, only card issuers decide whether you'll be approved or not for a credit card.

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Business credit cards are different from normal credit cards in that they have additional features and benefits that suit small businesses and in fact are helpful in quite a number of ways too. By using these business credit cards the right way,...
You can try applying for a personal loan to fund your business. Use our card match tool to see which loans and credit cards you can apply. Note that you may need a bank account to apply for some credit offers, so make sure you have one.
When you submit an application for a small business credit card, issuing bank reviews both your personal and business credit histories. To determine if they want to approve you for a credit card and what terms to qualify you for, they will pull both...
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