The Merrick Bank offers are not available in Wisconsin.

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The Merrick Bank offers are not available in Wisconsin.

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  • Choose your own credit line based on how much money you want to put down as a security deposit.
  • Initial deposits can be from $200 to $3,000. You can increase your credit line at any time by adding additional money to your security deposit, up to $3,000.
  • After 9 months, we review your account for a credit line increase. No additional deposit required!
  • Secured Credit Cards are great for people looking to build or rebuild credit and are available to people with all kinds of credit backgrounds.
  • Unlike a debit card or a pre-paid card, it helps build your credit history. We report your payment history to all three major credit-reporting agencies.
  • Get your FICO® Credit Score for free each month.
  • Fraud coverage if your card is lost or stolen. Access your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Get help staying on track with available Auto Pay and account alerts.
  • Card issued by Merrick Bank, Member FDIC.

The Merrick Bank offers are not available in Wisconsin.

Intro APR on Purchases
Intro APR on Balance Transfers
Ongoing APR
22.70% Variable
Annual Fee
$36 for first year. Billed $3 per month thereafter

Merrick Bank Credit Cards

Merrick Bank issues credit cards that are FDIC insured. The bank's goal is to offer credit products to sub-prime consumers, and it does everything to help them manage their finances. One of the ways they help their consumers is credit cards. The bank offers unsecured Mastercard credit card products and secured Mastercard cards. The cards are good for people with bad credit and for those who want to build their credit.

Unsecured Mastercard credit cards from Merrick are not freely available for online application. You cannot go online and apply for the card. You should first of all pre-qualify or receive an invitation from Merrick Bank to apply. The invitations are usually sent via mail or email and contain an acceptance certificate number which you should provide before you proceed with your application. Being pre-qualified for a Merrick credit card or having the acceptance certificate does not guarantee your approval though.

The Merrick Bank Secured Mastercard credit card is on the contrary, available for online application without invitations. As all secured cards, this card requires a security deposit and the minimum deposit is $200. The maximum deposit that is allowed for this card is $3,000. So, if you want to build or rebuild your credit, the Merrick Bank Secured card can become a good option for you as it is reported to all three major credit bureaus.

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Merrick Bank offers two secured credit card options – the Merrick Bank Secured Credit Card and the . Both credit cards may help you build your credit because they report to all three major credit bureaus. Secured...
A FICO score is a type of credit score that is used to assess credit risk and determine whether to extend credit. FICO scores take into account various factors in five areas to determine credit worthiness: payment history, current level of...
We can recommend you start with secured credit cards. These cards require a security deposit paid upfront. A secured credit card is a good way to build your credit history as it reports the account activity to major credit bureaus. You just need not...
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