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Card Overall Rating
  • No credit check to apply and find out instantly if you are approved.
  • OpenSky gives everyone an opportunity to improve their credit with an 85% average approval rate for the past 5 years
  • Get considered for a credit line increase after 6 months, with no additional deposit required
  • You could be eligible for the OpenSky Gold Unsecured Card after as few as 6 months
  • Reports to all 3 major credit bureaus monthly, unlike a prepaid or debit card
  • View your FICO® Score through your OpenSky account, an easy way to stay on top of your credit
  • Nearly half of OpenSky cardholders who make on-time payments improve their FICO score 30+ points in the first 3 months
  • Your refundable* deposit, as low as $200, becomes your OpenSky Visa credit limit
  • Easy application, apply in less than 5 minutes right from your mobile device
  • Offer flexible payment due dates which allow you to choose any available due date that fits your payment schedule
  • *View the cardholder agreement
Regular APR
21.64% (variable)
Annual Fee
Instant Response
Credit Bureaus Reporting

Establishing and Rebuilding Credit with OpenSky

Open Sky is a division of Capital Bank, a mid-sized bank that is focused on serving the needs of business owners. The division is designed to offer the OpenSky Secured credit card that helps cardholders to build or rebuild their credit.

The OpenSky credit card comes with several cardholder benefits and conveniences. The card is easy to use, and it comes with credit lines ranging from $200 to $3,000. In addition, this card also allows cardholders to easily build their credit by reporting all credit card information to major credit bureaus. This card comes with a quick application process, along with no credit check.

Some benefits of having the OpenSky credit card include an interest-free grace period and the ability to build your credit at your own pace. This card also allows cardholders to fund their security deposit in four ways which include electronic transfers, wire transfers, Western Union or mailing checks and money orders. In addition, this card can be used anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

Aside from the OpenSky credit card, Capital Bank offers several different personal banking products which include the personal checking, personal interest checking, money market accounts and more as well as several personal loan options. Additionally, they offer business banking accounts for business owners.

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Yes. The OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card is reported to the three major credit bureaus monthly. As this card is secured it requires a deposit to act as collateral on your credit card account. To build your credit make sure you make your monthly...
Currently the OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card cannot be updated to an unsecured account. Capital Bank does not offer unsecured credit cards for consumers. You can keep your secured card as the oldest credit account to continue building a good credit...
In order to get your deposit back you need to close your credit card account and pay your card balance in full. After you paid your card off, contact the credit card issuer to request a refund of your security deposit. ...
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