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June 25, 2011
We`ve got credit cards specifically designed for those who are new to credit. Click here to browse through the no credit cards we offer, compare them side by side and decide on a credit card to apply online for. As a newcomer be ready for high rates and low credit limit.
January 13, 2011
At 17, most likely you are going to face some difficulties qualifying for any credit card. According to new credit card laws banks and credit card issuers are not allowed to issue credit cards to anyone under 21 unless they have a parent co-signer on the credit card accounts or provide proof they have sufficient income to qualify for the credit card that is they are able to repay their card debt. So, do it, show proof of your sufficient income or ask your parents to help you. If your parents are willing to help, alternatively you can contact their credit card companies to see if you can get a credit card from them. With your parents as co-signers it is possible you will be able to get a...
November 12, 2010
There is good news for you. Most banks offer unsecured credit cards for people with no or limited credit history. Unlike secured credit cards these cards do not require any deposit. Unsecured credit cards are reported to major credit bureaus allowing you to build your credit if you manage them wisely. In your case banks will consider a lot of factors (apart from your credit score as there is none) when approving you for an unsecured credit card of your choice. The main decisive factors are your ability to pay, your income, your employment history to see if you are able to hold a job, your residence history to see how often you move and whether you rent or own. has...
October 11, 2010
Many people think that credit cards cause a lot more problems than fixing anything. A common conclusion that people derive to is that credit cards are not necessary in order to lead a successful life. This is partly true, but you need to know what you might stand to lose when you decide not to go in for credit cards. Depending on whether or not this is a scenario that you like, you can decide on what you might possibly want to do next. Hence, this is something that you might want to look into and seriously consider only if you feel there is no other option out. Firstly, when you decide to go ahead with no credit cards, you give up a big opportunity of being able to build your credit...
September 24, 2010
If you have never had a credit card, you probably have no or little credit history, and offers most suitable for you can be found on the page with credit cards for no credit. A good option for someone establishing credit history is a secured credit card. There is a cash deposit required for approval, it serves as a guarantee that the bank gets repaid, and the credit line often equals this deposit. As a rule secured cards are less expensive and have lower interest rates compared to unsecured credit cards for no credit. No credit check is a common policy for secured credit cards as well, and this is a great benefit for people with limited history. Before you apply, make sure to compare...
August 04, 2010
No or limited credit history absolutely does not mean you can't qualify for a credit card. First of all, there are credit cards created specifically for people with no credit, and then you can always apply for a secured card if you can find the necessary amount for security deposit. Secured cards might be easier to get approved for, since the bank has a security deposit to add to your creditworthiness. View our top offers designed specifically for people with Limited or No Credit. These credit cards may help you establish credit if you do all necessary routines to build good credit history like on-time payments to all creditors, and if you do not use up your credit limit, etc. Read...
August 04, 2010
If you have limited or no credit history, and wish to establish credit, there are credit cards you can apply for without paying cash deposit. But keep in mind these credit cards may have setup or activation fees up to $95 though sometimes they can be paid over time. And be aware that interest rates might be higher than those of secured cards, as there is no security deposit as a guarantee. Credit cards for limited or no credit history may help establish your credit if you regularly make payments on time to all of your creditors and keep balances below credit limits. With the usual initial credit limit of $300 you need to be careful and use only a portion of it. To view offers for people...
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