I started college this year and was thinking about applying for a credit card. What are my odds to qualify? I have a part time job and my parents help me a bit and thought that Amex Everyday would be great option.

Answered on October 03, 2019
Updated on October 03, 2019
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The Amex EveryDay card is for applicants with good or excellent credit history. If your credit is lower, we would recommend considering a different credit card. Since you are a student, you can apply for a student credit cards. These cards are rather easy to qualify for but there still are some approval requirements. The requirements are simple: you should be a student over the age of 18, be a U.S. citizen or resident, have SSN (Social Security Number), have a verifiable income (your part-time job and money form parents will do), and you should not have bad credit already. You may qualify for a student credit card even if you have little or no credit history at all. That means, you still can get a credit card if your FICO score is zero. But before you apply, we would recommend checking your credit reports with all three major credit bureaus just in case. Read the reports attentively (including your personal information) to make sure there are no mistakes on them. If you find any, you can dispute them with credit bureaus.
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No, you won't need a co-signer to apply for a student credit card or Amex Everyday. In fact, there are not many issuers that would allow co-signers. That is actually great as cosigning is a complicated thing. Having your own credit card from the beginning is a great way to learn finances, responsibility, and to start building credit. You may qualify for a student credit card as long as you are at least 18 years old, have SSN, U.S. citizen/resident, and have verifiable income. To qualify for the Amex Every Day card, you should have at least good credit history. If you already have some...
Starting credit history from the very beginning is always better than improving it and credit card issuers are not too captious.Look into credit cards for those with limited/no credit history: these cards are created for newbies. The cards have quite high APRs and fees. However it is possible to find a card with 0 intro APRs or without annual fee. Also some cards offer bonus programs: you can earn points or cash back on purchases you make.If your son wants a bonus credit card, Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card is not the best option as it has no bonus.
If you do not have any negative items on your reports (like late or missed payments), you should have good chances to qualify as the Cash Rewards card from Bank of America is offered to people with limited credit. The only obstacle is credit limit you would be given. If you are not approved for a high enough credit limit, you won't be able to transfer the whole balance from your current credit card. Also, note that the card has a balance transfer fee which you will need to pay when you request a balance transfer. We would recommend you calculate if it's worth opening a new credit card...

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