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Barclays Credit Card Offers

Card Overall Rating
Excellent/Good Credit
  • Earn points every time you spend. Luxury Card enhances your purchasing power by providing you with one (1) point for every one dollar ($1) you spend. Every purchase gets you closer to the rewards you want.
  • Patented brushed stainless steel front and carbon back—weighing 22 grams.
  • 2% value for airfare redemptions with no blackout dates or seat restrictions.
  • 1% value for cash back redemptions.
  • 24/7 Luxury Card Concierge®—Available by phone, email, or the Luxury Card App.
  • The Luxury Card Travel® program (e.g., room upgrades at check-in, resort credit, complementary Wi-Fi, and daily breakfast for two).
  • A suite of additional Mastercard® travel, shopping and special offers.
  • Annual fee: $195 ($95 for each Authorized User).
  • Terms and conditions apply.
Intro APR on Purchases
Intro APR on Balance Transfers
0% intro APR for 15 billing cycles on balance transfers posted within 45 days of account opening.
Ongoing APR
19.74% Variable
Annual Fee
$195 ($95 for each Authorized User added to the account)

Credit Cards by Barclays

Barclays came to the U.S. with the acquisition of Juniper Bank. As a result, Barclaycard US was formed to offer consumers credit card products and services. Today Barclaycard is called Barclays in the U.S. and offers even more personal banking products to U.S. consumers.

Consumer and business cards, cards with special interest rates and rewards cards, all these cards are designed to accomplish one thing: make purchasing simpler and more rewarding for the customers. It's easy to find a Barclays credit card that fits your lifestyle. Shopaholics, frugal shoppers, eager travelers, NFL fans, and businesses, everyone will find a suitable Barclays card.

Barclays also provides excellent customer support. The company offers flexible and innovative payment solutions all over the world. Consumers can use their credit cards at millions of retailers worldwide. Barclays US strives to deliver the next generation of digital and mobile phone-based payment services to its customers.

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This tool finds credit offers that suit your situation best. However, only lenders and issuers decide whether you'll be approved or not for an offer.

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The credit card companies and banks do not have an obligation to send a copy of a credit report to consumers. You can call the company and ask them to send you a copy of your credit report. The company may or may not send you a copy, depending on...
It is hard to say which one of the credit bureaus is used most by the banks and credit card issuers to view credit scores. Every bank has its own preferences and one bank may pull different reports in different states. Some banks pull credit reports...
A FICO score is a type of credit score that is used to assess credit risk and determine whether to extend credit. FICO scores take into account various factors in five areas to determine credit worthiness: payment history, current level of...
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