What are gold and platinum visa credit cards?

Answered on October 02, 2010
Updated on October 02, 2010
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Credit card companies and banks reward their loyal customers with updated cards and better interest rates and reward schemes. Gold and platinum visa cards are premium cards that offer much more convenience and benefits to users, than regular credit cards. If a user wants to apply for platinum or gold credit cards, it comes with an annual fee. Applicants must have nothing less than an impeccable credit history which falls under the excellent credit score category. Also, credit card companies perform a thorough credit check before approving applicants for gold or platinum cards. Gold and platinum credit cards have much bigger credit limit than the regular cards and have easier pay back schemes. The members can benefit from the low interest rates and lesser restriction in billing cycles. Grace period is also generally high, which makes these cards an absolute favorite among business men and small business owners. Visa Gold and Platinum credit cards offer great rewards schemes giving back reward points for every dollar spent. The reward points earned can be utilized to buy merchandize or can simply be redeemed for cash. These cards offer great discounts for travelers with hotel discounts, car rental discounts and much more. They have very good frequent flyer programs with reward points that can be redeemed for flight tickets. Airlines that have tie-ups with Visa gold and platinum cards combine the credit card reward schemes with their frequent flyer programs which provide double benefits for the card holders. Gold and platinum card holders will also avail special shopping discounts at the participating stores and credit card website that has special shopping area for card holders. Some platinum cards will have unlimited spending powers, which makes them perfect choice for business men. These cards are available for a high annual fee, but they offer benefits that are worth the annual fee. Unlimited spending power coupled with low interest and stretched payback time makes these cards the ultimate credit cards that are designed to provide maximum user benefits. Platinum and gold cards are usually offered by credit card companies for their loyal customers, without an annual fee. These cards are great even with an annual fee, so free upgrades to these cards makes it irresistible offer. If the customer holds the visa credit card for a long time, and has an exceptional record with very less number of delayed bill payments, and a very good credit history, then he or she can upgrade to the gold or platinum card without paying money for it.
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Yes, Mid America Bank & Trust Company credit cards have Visa logo on them and you can use them anywhere Visa cards are accepted. These cards come with all the benefits of a Visa cards including worldwide acceptance.
There are three CheapOair credit cards. If your credit is fair, you may qualify for the CheapOair credit card or for the CheapOair Visa credit card. The first one is a sinple card that can only be used at CheapOair and you won't be able to use it anywhere else and make any purchases. Also, it comes with a high APR. The second one is a Visa card so it can be used everywhere Visa cards are accepted but the interest rate is also high – 26.24%. You will surely find credit cards with lower interest rates among credit cards that are offered to people with fair credit. If you choose a card...
The application process for OneTravel credit cards is a bit tricky. There are three versions of a OneTravel credit card: the OneTravel Credit Card, OneTravel Visa Credit Card, and OneTravel Visa Signature Credit Card. You won't find a separate application form for each of the cards - there is only one application form for all three cards. When you fill out and submit your application, the issuer will decide whether you qualify for a OneTravel Credit Card, Visa Card, or a Visa Signature credit card. Everything will depend on your creditworthiness, credit score, and income. So, since you do not...

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There is a credit card for any credit and for any purpose. Whether you want to start building your credit from scratch or earn rewards on purchases, save on gas or travel for free, you can find a good credit card offer for that.