What are instant credit cards and their common features?

Answered on September 29, 2010
Updated on September 29, 2010
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Instant approval credit cards are those credit cards which provide response to you almost immediately after you apply for a credit card unlike in most cases where applicants have to wait for quite some time to find out whether their request has been approved or not. However, one must note that instant approval credit cards do not signify that they will be provided immediately to the credit card applicant. The process is just quicker than the process for normal credit cards. So, it would be safe to say that while normal credit card application processes take couple of weeks or even more, it doesn`t take longer than a week in case of instant approval credit cards. Why they are known as instant approval credit cards is because as soon as a credit card applicant applies online for these cards, within a matter of minutes, their credit rating is looked up and the background checks are done almost instantaneously. After this the credit card applicant is notified whether their card will go through the approval process or not. Normally, while applying for a credit card, one can never really be sure, if their credit history or credit rating is good enough for a certain credit card. At the same time, if you have too many credit card application rejections in your credit history, it doesn`t augur well for your future applications. Therefore the credit card applicants are caught up in sticky waters because until they are rejected by one credit card issuer, it is unwise to apply for another one, merely to avoid too many credit card rejections at the same time. It would otherwise give the impression that you are desperately looking for credit, spoiling your chances further. Hence instant approval cards always let you know very soon, whether your credit rating and credit history as pulled out online is good enough to apply for the credit card in question or not. This saves valuable time for you and also helps avoiding anxiety. The instant credit card response comes in very handy even for small business owners who are looking for a business card and cannot wait for a long time to find out if their application for a credit card has been approved or rejected. While some credit cards offer very good rewards for the credit card customers others are helpful in building up the credit rating for individuals with fair credit or bad credit.
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As of today we offer instant decision credit cards aimed at bad credit. But you can browse through the credit cards targeting good to excellent credit and choose a card you like best. It can take up to 30 days to process your card application. If you are approved for the card of your choice, it will arrive in the mail in 7 to 10 business days.
In terms of credit cards banks and credit card companies decide instantly on whether you are approved or not based on your credit information. An instant approval credit card is a credit card with an instant response. You will know whether you are approved or not in a couple of minutes or faster. However, despite the name – instant approval credit cards – the credit card issuer can still decline your application when you do not meet certain criteria. Or you won't get instant approval if a credit card issuer needs some additional information or your application requires manual check.
In general a credit card arrives within ten to fifteen days from the date of approval. So you have no reasons to worry about it as the time hasn’t run out yet. Credit card companies usually inform of the estimated date of card arrival via approval letter, also they should give you a phone number in case you have questions. If you have some doubts you can call the company about your credit card and clear up everything you wish to know.

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There is a credit card for any credit and for any purpose. Whether you want to start building your credit from scratch or earn rewards on purchases, save on gas or travel for free, you can find a good credit card offer for that.