My individual credit score is around 720+, and execellent early loan/credit card pay offs. I am just starting my own business (sole owner). I want to get a credit card for my business. But with me just starting, I can't write in any income for the business (or even a one year in business) on the applications. Is there any cards out there not pre-paid that I can apply for "just starting" a small business. Im lookiing at maybe a $3500.00 limit to start.

Answered on December 07, 2010
Updated on December 07, 2010
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Thank you for your question. It is really a good one. No doubt, using a business credit card for business related purchases is much better than using your personal credit card. First, it is convenient to have your personal and business activities and expenses distinguished from each other. Second, business credit cards offer you certain benefits that regular credit cards don't. It's true that usually to get a business credit card you have to write in your business income for the prior year on your credit card application, but as a startup your previous income is zero. In your case of just starting your own business it is more likely that lenders will evaluate your business application based on your personal information, namely your personal household income and your individual credit score. And your personal credit score of around 720+, which is a good one, and your early loan/credit card pay offs will be of great help for you when applying for a business credit card. There are lots of different business credit cards which come with different benefits and rewards programs to meet your particular business needs. So, it is quite useless for us to offer you a definite business credit card. But we can offer you the best business credit cards from the most reliable credit card companies displayed at our site. Choose among these business credit card offers and apply online. As for the credit limit you'd like to be granted with it also depends mainly on your income, credit history and, what is crucial, a lender itself. Not to mention other factors that influence a lender's decision on your possible credit limit. That is why it is very difficult to estimate your definite credit limit beforehand.
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To choose the best business credit card you should think about your goals - what do you want to get from your credit card? There are plenty of options you may choose from. Business credit cards may help you earn rewards - cash back or travel rewards, may give you high credit limit and allows to save money with 0% APR. If you, for example, are a frequent traveler, consider airline co-branded business credit cards with additional benefits like priority boarding or free checked bag. Don't forget to take into account your credit score when choosing a small business credit card.
If you want to get a business credit card, first of all, look up your credit score. Business credit card issuers will consider your personal and business credit score (if you already have it). Secondly, determine what you need from your business credit card. If you travel often, choose a credit card with rewards and travel benefits, if you spend a lot - choose a card with cash back rewards. Don't forget to look for 0% APR on purchases and no annual fee. After that, be prepared to perform information about your company, including revenue. You may need to provide SSN, legal business name,...
Business credit cards are different from normal credit cards in that they have additional features and benefits that suit small businesses and in fact are helpful in quite a number of ways too. By using these business credit cards the right way, owners of small and medium sized businesses can make some savings and also manage the financial affairs better. To start with the monthly expenditure report of the business credit cards is of great help to see what are the general patterns of expenditure and if it is possible to make savings in any area. This would also help to catch any wastage of...

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