Is there a credit card that will give me both frequent flyer miles and cash back?

Answered on August 18, 2010
Updated on August 18, 2010
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Many of rewards credit cards today offer flexible redemption options. You can earn points or miles and then redeem them for travel - get flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, or receive cash back, gift cards, merchandize, discounts or donate earned rewards to charitable organizations, and more. To choose the best rewards credit card for you, you should clearly understand your usual expenditures – purchase categories and amounts spent in each category. Then research credit cards with rewards to choose one that will offer best terms for you. Compare purchase categories that can earn you more points per dollar spent. But watch out for set limits (e.g. you earn 2 points per dollar on your first $150 in a specific category, and then you get only 1 point per dollar), expiration dates and other restrictions. And keep in mind that interest rates, annual fee and other possible charges are important. Advertisements may be misleading and raise your expectations more than the rewards are worth. Choose wisely!
All rates and fees, and other terms and conditions of the products mentioned in this article/post are actual as of the last update date but are subject to change. See the current products' Terms & Conditions on the issuing banks' websites.

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Valero has a tiered rebates system. You earn 4¢ per gallon on every gallon purchased when you purchase at least 50 gallons per billing cycle or earn 8¢ per gallon on every gallon purchased when you purchase at least 75 gallons per billing cycle (up to a maximum of 110 gallons). Gas rebates will automatically appear on your monthly billing statement. For more traditional and easy to understand reward options, see general rewards credit cards and especially cash back cards. Those give you simple cash back every time you purchase anything anywhere and rewards are also redeemable everywhere.
If you have an excellent credit there are a lot of credit cards that will bring you more benefits than JCPenney rewards credit card. If you want to save on shopping with a credit card at your favorite stores, you may choose a regular credit card with cash back rewards.
Consider frequent flyer credit cards to earn miles and enjoy air travel benefits. Study the features associated with these credit cards carefully. Hope you will find the credit card right for you.

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There is a credit card for any credit and for any purpose. Whether you want to start building your credit from scratch or earn rewards on purchases, save on gas or travel for free, you can find a good credit card offer for that.