Are there any prepaid credit cards with rewards? Or credit cards for people with less than perfect credit with rewards?

Answered on July 20, 2010
Updated on July 20, 2010
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James Williams James Williams
It does sound good to use your credit or prepaid card and earn bonuses or rewards. It feels like getting free stuff. But to really benefit from a rewards credit card, you need to spend a certain amount of money to make it worth. Anyway, credit cards with rewards are usually offered to consumers with good or excellent credit, and rewards credit cards can have an annual fee or a higher APR. Credit cards for bad credit are already more expensive and have higher interest rates and fees than offers for people with good scores. Credit limit is also usually lower, and you won't be able to spend enough to benefit from rewards you earn. It probably won't be efficient to have a rewards program on a credit card for bad credit, even if there were available. Yet, some prepaid credit cards offer you cash bonuses for using direct deposit or for referring a friend, and some offer some kind of rewards program with coupons for purchases at certain merchants. Decide if earning rewards is really that important to you. Maybe a lower annual fee and lower interest rate would work better for you?
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