Looking for Prepaid Cards from the Bancorp Bank?

Prepaid Cards from the Bancorp Bank

Card Overall Rating
See website for Details*
  • $0 Monthly Fee Pay As You Go Plan (See Cardholder Agreement on site)
  • No Credit Check. No Overdraft Fees, ever.
  • Free* Direct Deposit and Online Bill Payment
  • Use it Everywhere Visa Debit Card Accepted in the U.S.
  • Easy Online/Mobile Account Access
  • Perfect for Occasional Usage
  • *See Program Rules
Guaranteed Approval
Instant Response
Credit Check
Activation Fee
$4.95; one-time charge

Bancorp Bank Prepaid Card Offers

The Bancorp Bank issues prepaid debit cards for customers and businesses with bad credit history. As you are applying the bank doesn't check your credit history and doesn't require any bank account. Also to get a prepaid card you don't need a minimum balance.

The Bancorp Bank provides with convenient and secure services. Quick and safe online access will help you spend less time managing your finances and more time doing what you want. By paying bills through online Bill Pay service you will save not only the time but money. And through convenient, fast and free direct deposit you can as pay as get paid. Along with experienced customer services The Bancorp Bank offers different reward programs. You can earn point rewards, cash backs and various perks on your purchases. And for businesses the bank gives opportunity to control all business spendings. Now you can know where and how much your employees spend.

Some Bancorp Bank prepaid cards can help you to build a credit. So, read attentively terms and conditions before you apply for a card.

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This service finds the credit cards which suit your situation best. However, only card issuers decide whether you'll be approved or not for a credit card.

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Ask Our Experts or Read Credit Card FAQs
It is hard to say which one of the three major credit bureaus is used most by the banks and credit card issuers to view credit scores. Every bank has its own preferences and one bank may pull different reports in different states. Some banks pull...
Here are FICO scores for each credit rating: - Excellent: 750-850 - Good: 700-749 - Fair: 640-699 - Bad: 350-639 The scoring model of different credit bureaus may slightly differ because each credit bureaus uses its own formula but the average...
The credit card companies and banks do not have an obligation to send a copy of credit report to consumers. You can call the company and ask them to send you a copy of your credit report. The company may send you the copy or may not, depends on...
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