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April 4, 2007, 6:40 am
Is there a 0% interest card with no balace transfer fees?
You can count on getting 0% interest credit card with no balance transfer fees, if your credit score is good- to- excellent. In case you`re going to apply for credit card of this category, it`s advisable to be aware of your credit score first of all. If you can boast your good or even excellent credit, you can count on getting low APR credit card, featuring 0% APR and 0% balance transfer within intro period of 12 months. Thus, you can apply for CitBank Platinum Select card, Chase Platinum credit card, or Discover Platinum credit card. Looking for a credit card with longer intro period you can apply for one of American Express cards, namely, Blue American Express card with intro period of 15 months, provided you`re lucky to have excellent credit score. Compare credit card applications with us and choose a credit card, which will never let you down!
April 4, 2007, 6:32 am
Where do I get a Buisness Credit Card So that I can build buisness credit
Having their own business is something millions of people are dreaming of. One of the factors that may discourage people from getting that business off the ground, is a lack of start up capital. Still, with a bit of thought, planning and effort, though, it may be possible for you to do so through business credit. Mind, building business credit is completely different from building personal credit, and it is best to keep them separate if possible. Some credit reporting agencies will sell a business FICO score based on both the risk of the business and the personal credit of the owner. To get business credit your first job is to convince potential lenders you are going to have a viable business. Another preparatory move that will help you is, in the US at least, getting a business credit profile. This can help you to build up business credit without using your personal credit. The benefits in having a business credit profile are many. Most importantly, you will have more cash for the business, convenience in purchasing, protection of your personal assets, limiting of personal liability from the business, and the ability to prepare your business for future lending needs. One of the options at any time for business credit is the use of a business credit card . This would not, of course, be the main means of funding a new business, but once operating can be of practical use in feeding working capital, and of course when you are away on business and prefer not to transact in cash all the time.So, compare credit cards for business with us and apply online for the most convenient one!
April 4, 2007, 6:26 am
I need a low interest rate credit card really low I want to transfer all my card amounts about 5000. and have one monthly payment but I want a low rate for life. I need to get these paid off. Can you help me. I am current with all my cards. It is confusing of who has to be paid and when.. Please reply soon I am a canadian citizen
Generally speaking American banks tend to issue credit cards, assigned for legal American residents. Nonetheless we do overlook some credit card applications for Canada citizens at our web-site. If your credit score is sufficient, you can easily apply for one of our Canada credit cards, featuring balance transfer option, necessary to consolidate your credit cards? debts. Regard American Express credit cards for Canada available and enjoy 3.99% APR on balance transfer within 6 months intro period, no annual fee and bonus miles offered. These cards require also ongoing 14.99 APR, which is comparatively low with respect to the benefits the card deals provide. Just think, which of Canada credit cards offered is better for you and apply for it online!
April 4, 2007, 6:25 am
how can i get a credit card with 0 apr has no trasfer fees and gives you longer than 12 monts of o apr
Generally, it is your credit score that determines if you can get one of the best credit cards, offering the terms you`ve mentioned. Therefore it`s strongly recommendable to obtain your credit score first from one of the national credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You can also get your score through the official online source established for this purpose. If your credit allows, you can count on getting low APR credit card, featuring 0%APR and 0% balance transfer within intro period of 12 months. Thus, you can apply for CitBank Platinum Select card, Chase Platinum credit card, or Discover Platinum credit card. Looking for a credit card with longer intro period you can apply for one of American Express cards, namely, Blue American Express card with intro period of 15 months, provided you`re lucky to have excellent credit score.
April 4, 2007, 6:18 am
when will i be getting my card
In case you`ve applied for one of instant approval credit cards and got online credit card approval of your application and a special code, certifying you could receive the credit card chosen, you`re absolutely sure to get your card by mail in a week or two. Still, if delivery procedure is delayed and you`re getting no information about your credit card, and you`re worried about it, you can access the official site of your credit card issuer and contact their customer service. Irrespective of your credit history and consumer category you`re sure to get all necessary information concerning your credit card delivery.
April 4, 2007, 6:14 am
I have a home equity line of credit that has an interest rate of 7.5%. I would like to get a credit card with no transfer fee, low interest rate (below 4%), for the life of the balance. I called AX, which I have a HH plat., and they didn't have anything available now. I heard Fifth Third has such a card. Can I transfer a home equity balance to a credit card?, and whom do you suggest?
Generally speaking turning home-equity debt into credit-card debt is possible. And, under right set of circumstances it can even save your money. When the interest rate is lower and you can afford the credit card payments? carrying credit-card debt is in fact safer than owing money to your mortgage lender. Still, be ready to make higher payments, because home-equity loans or lines of credit are typically amortized over 10 or 15 years, while credit card minimum payments use a shorter horizon. If you're going to hand a massive balance over to a credit-card company, it's best you do it with a balance transfer offer that promises a fixed rate for the life of the balance. And while 0% APR offers may look tempting, be careful. Those typically last for six to 12 months. Once the promotional rate expires, you'll be hit with the card's regular interest rate, which can run 18% or higher. Then, make sure the credit-card limit is high enough. Aim for at least twice the balance on your home loan. This way, you credit score isn't likely to drop because of high utilization. And it would wise of you to accept balance transfer credit card offer with no balance transfer fee. Fees have been on the rise and can go as high as 3% or 4% of the transferred balance, with no limit. Compare our balance transfer cards, and apply for one you like!
April 4, 2007, 6:07 am
Looking for a credit card in which " I "/"we" can have a lot of different designs to choose from and a card with low interest rate and can offer a second card for my spouse.
You see, every card has its special design and different terms. If you are the US citizen (Belgian or Canadian) and have a good to excellent history, we can offer you Blue from AmericanExpress. This credit card adapts to your needs. It's designed to give you more flexibility and independence. You can pay for your purchases in full or pay over time. Blue has no annual fee. And it has a competitive 0.00% APR for up to the first 15 months and a grace period up to 20 days. You can share virtually all the benefits and services with your friends or family members; because it's additional Cards are fee-free. At our site you can find more detailed information about credit cards, their design and terms. You can compare all these features and choose the best suited card for you and your spouse.
April 4, 2007, 5:56 am
should i transfer balances with high apr's, but low monthly payments, or credit debt with high monthly payments?
Actually the idea of balance transfer cards is to shift your debt from a card with higher rate to one with lower ones. Transferring your balance from a high interest credit card to one with a low interest rate is easy, if you take into consideration some tips. If your credit score is good, you won`t have any problem getting a card with intro 0%APR on balance transfers. Another thing you will want to consider is the fee that may be charged if you transfer funds. To avoid this balance transfer fee you can apply for no balance transfer fee cards, such as Discover platinum card, some of American Express cards and CitiBank cards. The payments you`ll have to make will be determined by your new credit card terms.
April 4, 2007, 2:04 am
looking for 0% on balance transfers....12 months with NO balance transfer fee.
Great Credit Rating
With positive credit history you can freely apply online for credit card, choosing among the best balance transfer cards, credit companies and banks have on offer. Some of them really suppose 0% on balance transfers for up to 12 months and no balance transfer fee. Much depends on the way you are going to use your card, the sum you want to relocate and the kind of bonus points, you wish to earn. For example, you can give preference to balance transfer cards, that give 5% cash back when you purchasing with the card, or credit cards with free rewards program. We advise you to look through balance transfer cards from Discover Bank, Chase Bank and American Express and then make your choice.

Manager of Immediate Credit Card Care Service
April 4, 2007, 2:01 am
I am looking for a credit card that I can set credit limit to around $1000 for a person with no credit history. I am willing to co-sign for it. I have excellence credit. oh..also with no fees (setup, annual, etc.)
If you have excellent credit you will likely be eligible to accept a credit card on most favorable terms. You are welcome to evaluate our best online credit card offers. Most of credit cards for excellent/good are no annual fee cards. They combine various options, so it's necessary first to determine which of them you'd like to benefit from. For example, Platinum Card from Discover implies 0% Intro APR, no annual fee, 5% Cash back bonus, $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee and other benefits. The credit line will be determined by the credit card issuer according to your credit score. Read terms and conditions of different credit card offers, compare credit cards and choose the best one for you and your co-borrower.
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